Friday, February 27, 2015

Now a New Meeting Place.......

With a new name comes a new meeting place!  While Michelle admitted to over booking the store, we were getting crowded with so many interested modern quilters.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, March 3 at Kuyper College in Grand Rapids Township.  The college's address is:

3333 E. Beltline Ave NE
between 3Mile and 4 Mile Roads, on the
southbound side.  Yes, for those of you coming from the 
south, you will have to make a Michigan turn.

Room 117
Ginger has given us these instructions to the meeting room:

Room 117 is a classroom that will accommodate our group nicely.
When you enter Kuyper College from the Beltline, take the drive to your left. There is ample parking. Enter the door for the chapel and follow the signs that will be posted to rm 117 (past the chapel, down the hall with rainbow ceiling, through the double doors and left)
Someone from your board will also be on hand to welcome you and point you in the right direction

For the winter blahs and inspiration check out Bumbleknit - Scrapmaster

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tea Leaves keep warm or busy?

My knee therapy is coming along ok, after a bit of over doing it.  Consequently my physical therapist assigned a new exercise that required me to clean a table off in my sewing room.  It sits higher so I can swing my legs with weights.  Well, to get the table in a manner to sit , a bit cleaning and decluttering was needed.  In the process I found a  pattern to make these place mats by Poor House.  My friend Caroll D is always advocating using scraps.  While I have used the 30's fabric for projects, I have never considered them one of my favorites - well until know maybe! 

Multi colored 30's fabric tea leaves
My great neighbor Judy and quilting buddy and I came across a quilt make with a cathedral-like pattern at an Amish shop in Shipshewana, Indiana.  Of course I couldn't believe the Amish quilter when she said how easy this technique is - well - it is easy and fun!
 I played around with the best way to iron the seems - open is absolutely the best because of all the thicknesses.  Above is how I did most of my tea leaf squares, singly and joined.
 Can you not tell these squares were my first made! 
Uniform color squares using sister fabrics.

Too much in a hurry and mis-aligned the folds for opening.   It's still pretty though.

Left over squares

 Start with a square for the base - tea leaf, then cut 2 more squares of the top fabric.  Fold the top fabric in half diagonally.  Sew each half on the base using a 1/4" seam to outside edge.
I also discovered that making the 4 square block first before opening the folded edges gives a better peak into the base fabric. 

Have fun trying this method - it really was fun and easy!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Name and Address

 Grand Rapids Modern Quilters

As many of you now know we have a new name and this blog has attempted to show these changes - we'll see!  The Blog's new name is grmquilters and the address is  Dropping the "q" was not an available option, thus the word quilters was added.

The minutes are as follows for the February meeting:

" February 3, 2015
14 members in attendance
The meeting was called to order at 7PM by Ginger
It was one year ago that the GRMQG first met as a group. Monthly meetings have occurred since. Most meetings have 10-15 persons present.
Ginger and Nancy continue to work through the requirements needed to achieve nonprofit status for the organization.
There was a group discussion about the pros and cons of joining the National Modern Quilt Guild. The prime reason to not join (at this time) is the cost that would be charged to our group and we are trying to grow the group and a bank balance that will allow for events and speakers. Individuals are able to join should they desire.
Becky moved and Adrienne seconded that our group will not pursue membership to the Modern Quilt Guild at this time.  The motion passed unanimously.
Discussion about what to call our group followed.
Claire moved and Michelle seconded that our group will be known as Grand Rapids Modern Quilter (GR MQ)  The motion passed unanimously.
Claire will go through the bylaws and change where needed to reflect the new name. Minutes of this meeting and a copy of the bylaws will be sent to all persons currently receiving emails from this group. Any pertinent input is welcome, please submit by February 16, 2015.
It was suggested that we make a brochure to be available at Stitched Studio to for persons to be aware of the group and encouraged to come to a meeting.
There is now a Facebook page for the group. It is a closed group at present, just send a request that you’d like to join. We plan to use this as another tool for communication amongst members.
It was agreed that we need a website. Nancy and Ginger will look into some basic info regarding this.
Becky and Nancy are exploring options for a new meeting location. They will report back next month. It was decided, by the group, that we will ask each member to pay $1 per meeting to help defray the cost of the meeting space. There will be a sign in table with nametags and collection box/basket.
Please submit ideas for “skill school” as part of the meeting to Ginger. Tonight Michelle shared the new modern batiks."

Thank you, Kelly for the quick turn arouond and email notice of the minutes.  They are shown here in case you missed them and as a reminder of what business transpired. 

In case any of you are eager to learn how to match your binding to the various fabrics at the edges  A Quilter's Table has a tutorial on making binding at a 60 degree angle!  Have fun....I'll pass on this tute!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

CIUR Time!

Tuesday, February 17th is our next and almost last meeting of the Curve It Up Ruler Block of the Month.  In the last blog on Tuesday, Feb 10 I showed Michelle showing the Guild the blocks made thus far.  Of course this post is just a reminder that our meetings will be 30 days before St. Patrick's Day and of course St. Patrick's Day.  For those of you in the day class, the 18ths of these months will be the post days.....

I actually have my blocks done!  This quilt is definitely a learning experience......
 Well, the log cabin part went just fine.  Then curve it up time came and I thought I had the left handed turn all in place.....well not so.  The above picture was an attempt to make it work better than the pattern.....
 I settled for the original design - you can tell the train went off its tracks.....
 I played around with how to iron the seems - above I ironed one seem into the background and the other seem into the focus fabric.  It worked out great on the couple that were sewn together - the bulk was less.
 Here's the second block.  A tip I learned after completing the square is highlighted in the next photo
 My points are close - but we're not playing horeseshoes.....Belatedly I figured out that when you're cutting the HST's - KEEP them paired together - you know they will match then....hope it helps you who are still waiting to do your blocks.

For Valentine's Day here's some fun.  A LOVE tablerunner

Speaking of V's Day...Aldi's have the best quality real chocolate at VERY reasonable prices....I've sworn off - my heart might be better but my hipline is well making the heart work harder - shall we say..hmmm which shall I do????.....have a piece of a bar with the chili good!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sew and Share from Monday's meeting.....

Kelly, our guild's secretary, did a fantastic job of taking photos and getting names at last week's meeting.  Thank you so very much, Kelly! 

 Roleen is showing her block using solids to make a strippy pinwheel.  Very nice choice of colors.

 Kathy's reverse applique looks beautiful!  Perhaps she should do a lesson at one of our meetings for those of us who dabble in hand applique.
 I'm not sure if Ginger's quilt meets the definition of an Irish Chain, it seems to by my observation.  I wonder if she planned those colors or it was spontaneous as she sewed.  I love these patterns but lose courage in the selection of colors.  Great work.
 Becky completed this adorable baby quilt with elephants and modern colors.  Interesting pattern!  While I haven't a need for baby quilts I'm all into smaller quilts now - they finish so much faster and the will I ever get done feeling dissipates.
 Becky shows a great choice of colors and an interesting pattern with lots of white - negative space!  While not bright colors the white just makes the whole quilt seem cheery.
Roleen is showing off pot holders apparently made from mesh....will have to ask her more about how they protect.....

Last but not least.....
Michelle is showing blocks from her monthly classes using the Curve it Up Ruler.  We have just two months left but maybe she can be convinced to to this BOM again.  It's been challenging for all.

I have a QAYG quilt in the works.  I'm at the put the sections together's a Quilt as You Go tablerunner tutorial.

See you all very soon!

Monday, February 9, 2015

An East Wind is Blowing....

Remember that line from Mary Poppins?  I was watching "Saving Mr. Banks" while the guild members met last Tuesday.  It sounds like a very good discussion on what we should become occurred.  The price to affiliate with the National Modern Quilt Guild is apparently pretty pricey for the return offered to members.  While I have been wanting to visit Savannah for many years now, the savings doesn't make a difference on whether I attend.  Conventions are ALWAYS expensive unless held in the home town, even then the fees can be still costly.  So, while I don't have all the official info yet - change is in the air.  Stay tuned!

While playing in my sewing room on the Sew-In Monday I discovered some fun things to sew quickly.  Now, I've only had them several years probably - but Monday was the put together day. 

First up was finding a 9" length of a green border print that was a free gift from a quilt hop.  What do you do with only 9" - really!  Well, for some reason I had a burst of smartness - used my 60 degree ruler and make a mini - table topper or AKA a mug rug/coaster!  It turned out pretty cute - I'm actually using it - needed to replace the holiday coaster I made in December.  Don't have a use for the scrappy M though.
The stripe geometric along side of it is the backing.  I used the 4 1/2" line on my ruler.  Perfect size.

Next I uncovered a kit from Pressing Matters in Holland.  This mug rug was a gift for the doing the quilt hop.  Doubts only describe my thoughts upon reading the instructions.   I must have reaad them 5 times expecting more information to appear.  First instruction reads:  Remove fabric bundle very carefully from plastic bag......

Then the simple instructions must be too simple - right?

 The bundle looked similar to the picture below but with raw edges.  The layers are the woven, folded 5" squares braided on top;  the right side of  a fabric(wrong sides together), a square of fabric, batting, and the 5th layer is the second color - also right side out.  Just stitch the layers as shown, then trim corners and flip.  Voila!  It measures about 4" square.  Using larger squares would make a great pot holder or trivet of sorts for hot dishes.  With the five thicknesses it offers good protection to counter and table tops.

Pellon has interesting ideas on its website.  Of course they're trying to sell their project but the instructions look understandable.  While reading the instructions a while back I was pleased since if I made these oven mitts I could make a left and a right.....unlike the pretty mitts sold in stores that only offer right handed mitts!  The Easy Oven Mitt Project!  Have fun......

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Snow-In Sew-In

The view from my kitchen Monday morning - couldn't go anywhere but it sure was pretty out!

While I  was packed and ready to sew last Monday at our Sew-In in Rockford, wouldn't you know a mere 8-12" of snow closed schools and our day out!  While I'm not so keen about packing my sewing machine and all the paraphernalia I truly was looking forward to this day.  Oh well!  That night however at the regular meeting of the guild a replacement date was organized - and three days later cancelled - now for not having 10 participants!  Three of us actually worked on sewing that day....
 Caroll worked on a kit she purchased a while back.  Caroll's always happy with hand applique.
 Becky had fun with half-square triangles.  I love her color selection. 
 I had planned on starting my Barn Star Quilt by Amy Gibson at the sew-in but opted to put the binding on my One Block Wonder started last year.  Small quilts are so much easier to finish! While the Guild was meeting Tuesday night I finished the hand sewing on the binding.
 Maybe we should discuss at our meetings, I'm more than willing to initiate the discussion- I just have to make a meeting- on inviting non-members to sew-ins.  It might be a way to lure new members who may not be fully committed to modern but like to dabble in it.  Let me know what you think.

Pat Sloan's February BOM is ready.  Vacation Time is her theme.  January is called Down by the Boardwalk and February is called Toes in the Sand.2015 Vacation Time Mystery BOM can be found on her website.  While I have only printed out the instructions they seem very detailed and easy to understand.  You get options of making the blocks using flying geese or HST's.  Neither are a favorite of mine but I like the look.....