Sunday, April 10, 2016

Baseball and Hand Sewing!

I'm so glad that baseball is back.  Thanks to a few Grapefruit League games in March and now for the next 160 games, I'm set.  Part of this past time is hand sewing.  Most of my quilts made over the last 13 years have been hand quilted.  While I'm not doing the hand quilting as much, appliqué and a few smaller projects might be in order.

The table runner shown is a kit from Connecting Threads.  From the picture in the catalog, I thought it was's all appliquéd!.  It was really fun to figure out and put together.  The ends that resemble a citrus slice will make great placemats!  The stars in at the main part required going to an office supply store and enlarge the star 200 times!  Yes, that is huge.  It may not look like it finished, but  200x is big.  The fabric on the back is just fun!  It doesn't have any teal in it, but it really goes well.

Making another set in a completely different scheme will be fun for the summer while watching my Tigers!

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