Thursday, August 28, 2014

September Meeting

Reminder Notice
Next Regular Meeting
Tuesday, yes Tuesday September 2, 2014

Place:  Stitched Studio
1144 East Paris SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

6:30  Arrive and Socialize

7:00 Meeting

Items to be discussed:
Organizational Business to Meet National Guild Guidelines

Will draw names of a member with that person's most disliked color to be brought to be gifted at the October meeting.  Members start thinking of your most disliked or hard color to work with and you will receive a fat quarter related (to broaden our comfort zones).

Minutes from July, 2014 Guild Meeting

At long last I have, I think, learned how to get the minutes here for you all to read. Enjoy, there's nothing better for a sleepless night than reading minutes.    See them at the end of this post.

Last week my daughter and I went touring across US 2 in Michigan's Upper Peninsula to visit family in Wausau, WI. Jeny has shown characteristics of my dad, whom she never met, at various times in her almost 27 years, but this trip she demonstrated a key one: no way are we're not stopping for a quilt store! However, I was able to secure the steering wheel of my car in the afternoon when stores were open. Yeah, I could check out the Row by Row in Escanaba. What a cool store Glenna has! She's a designer by trade and does what I call funky modern. Her designs are available on line at: Quilts 'n Stuff by Glenna If you haven't started your rows yet, it's not too late....

These bird designs are some of Glenna's most popular orders, not her RBW.  

If you haven't started Row By Row yet, it's not too late to visit your favorite quilt store to get their pattern or buy their kit.  Many of the patterns are traditional and some are more modern.  Check out the Row by Row website


Grand Rapids Modern Quilt Guild

Minutes of Meeting held
Tuesday, July 1, 2014 7 p.m.
Stitched Studio
Members in Attendance:  Michelle Luke, Claire Whitman, Adrienne Wilson, Caroll Drudy, Cathy Mueller, Dorothy Huizinga, Roleen Westfell, Nancy DeMaagd , Lisa O’Neil
Guests:  none
Meeting was called to order by Michelle Luke, the designated chairperson of guild, at 7 p.m.
General Opening Comments included Roni viewing a MQG webinar on Color.  Found it very informative.  Michelle reminded members that webinars are available to all MQG members at the website after establishing members’ individual accounts.  The webinars are always available with new viewings available once a month.
New Business:
Michelle relayed to members that by the year’s end this guild needs to have formal by-laws, banking account, NFP status and an EIN.  Members indicated interest in assisting once Michelle offered to do more research on the information available from the national chapter.
A discussion of a service project included this guild would assisting Stitched Studio (SS) with the Grand Opening.  While a date has not been set, the week of AQS show was suggested since so many quilters come from all over the Midwest.  Extended hours for the shop were also suggested so attendees have a place to visit after the show closes for the day.  The dates for AQS are August 20-23, 2014.  An ethics discussion did ensue regarding the GRMQG assisting Stitched Studio as the Guild is not existing to benefit the shop.  Since SS is the meeting place for the only modern quilt guild in Grand Rapids, it was agreed to help with food, beverages, decorations, public relations, and perhaps demos.
The need for a blog and other social media for the guild were discussed.  Cathy Mueller, Caroll, and Adrienne offered to assist in establishing a blog. 
Old Business:  none
Show and Share: All members brought at least one favorite tool and explained why it is loved.  Several members brought seam rippers and rotary cutters. Caroll brought her computer since she can surf the internet for inspiration and instruction.  She also demonstrated her headlamp that she brings on trips up North so she can continue working when the power goes off!  Cathy Mueller brought the 60 degree triangle ruler as table runners and table toppers can be made very quickly, a couple hours or so, with border prints.  Other uses for the ruler include One Block Wonder and Stack n Whack patterns.  The Rowenta Iron Cleaner kit was ideal for removing goop from fusible interfacings for Nancy. Michelle brought a sample of Sewing Edge which adheres to the machine to assist in guaranteeing the perfect seam allowance. Fine pointed tweezers and a wooden stiletto were offered by Lisa and Claire.  Claire also showed us her machine quilting gloves from Home Depot’s garden department and Size Slider for smooth feeding of quilts into her sewing machine or long arm quilter.
The members decided to not have sew-ins during the summer and not to have a guild meeting in August. 
Skill Set:  Adrienne volunteered to talk more on the Symphony concept of color choices at a future meeting.
Swap for September’s meeting will be exchanging a fat quarter with another member that will be suggested by the recipient as a difficult/ unliked/ never used color.  Members will draw a name in September and bring FQ for October.

Miscellaneous Info requested from Sew and Share:
            Jen Kingwell’s pattern, Ozzie Bird (Dorothy’s quilt top)
            Cluck, Cluck Sew blog for Beach Party quilt top (Adrienne’s squares)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mod Squad Bee meets on Wednesday.....

Several months ago quilters loving the modern quilting inspirations started a monthly bee.  We meet at the Attic Window starting at 10 a.m. and ends when the last quilter leaves at 4.  We have shared our modern books and magazine patterns and of course the great quilts in varying degrees of completion. Our project where we each make a square from the Modern Monday collection needs more attention from me....urg, one more thing!  If you're not familiar with the Modern Monday quilt check it out at 42 Quilts.  This website has many wonderful projects. A couple years ago GRMQG member Caroll D did the quilt- along making a quilt for her grandson.   Isn't wonderful that her grandson not only wanted a quilt but chose orange as the main color!  Somewhere in my world of certainties, that often get challenged is that quilts are for women.  I have learned from my son-in-law, painter, carpenter and friends that men love having their own quilts.  Well, any way, we agreed at one of our first meetings that we would each make a block from MM, and when having enough make the quilt for a donation.

The finished Modern Monday quilt

Caroll's grandson showing off his quilt.  Caroll shared that when this picture was taken he was letting his hair grow for Locks for Love!  Neat kid.

       Mod Squad Bee
Wednesday, August 27
10 - 4
Attic Window
5307 Alpine (next to the Alpine township library)
Regular scheduled meetings:  
Last Wednesday of the month at 10 a.m.

Come join us and work on a project!  Leave when you want.....



Friday, August 22, 2014

Musings from the AQS Grand Rapids Show

Yesterday my friends Caroll and Robin and I ventured to the DeVos Place to attack the AQS 2014 Quilt show.  It was another fabulous show!  Each and every quilt offered so much inspiration.  Modern quilts are definitely gaining in popularity by sewists.  Some of the vendors are offering more products as well. A normal expectation for the blog author would be for her to take pictures of the modern quilts to share....well not this bird!  So many quilts, so many modern quilts where to begin......well I fell in love with the series from photos of Mackinac Island.  Mackinac Island is our jewel in Lake Huron, just east of the straits where our Mighty Mac connects the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. Horses and bicycles are the only allowed transportation on the island  .Please just enjoy these wonderful art quilts.....

A view of the Victorian homes, west of the historic Grand Hotel
If you're interested, I understand this lighthouse is For Sale!
A view from the harbor

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More Show and Share: Our Favorite Tools

At a previous meeting Michelle, our fearless leader, gave us homework:  bring in our favorite tool used when quilting or sewing....

Claire shared how when she is long arm quilting she really depends on the tool, Slide Along.  She says that it really helps to move the quilt through the quilter much easier than without it.  Very fine pointed tweezers and gardening gloves were also shown.  Quilting gloves for machine quilting can be expensive so Claire has experimented with gardening gloves.

Lisa brought her wooden stiletto that her husband made.  Having that fine point to push through the feeder foot on the machine or for turning corners right side are just a couple of uses.  We all were envious of the fine wood turning done by her husband.

Michelle explained the reusable Sewing Edge.  This tool keeps that all important 1/4" or slight 1/4" seem allowance fixed on the throat of your machine.

Dorothy brought the obvious:  the  rotary cutter!  How this tool has developed and changed sewing.  I remember my girl friend bringing me one over 20 years ago when quilting was not for me (another never say never item in my life).  I could not figure out how to  cut a toddler's party dress with that thing!

A seam ripper was Adrienne's comment here as I have seen her work the rights and lefts of her patterns...I must admit to keeping about three rippers at my machine, they seem to pun intended.

Caroll too, brought some interesting aids:  a peephole viewfinder, usually drilled into doors, for distancing your work to see how it looks from afar and ....

yes a headlamp.  After a few chuckles she explained when she visits her son's cottage extra light is needed to sew the fine stitiches in her applique work.

My favorite tool of late has been the 60 degree triangle ruler.  With 1 1/2 yards of a border print several gifts can be make easily:  a table runner and a couple table toppers or hexagon shaped place mats. My daughters fear my visits that I may bring more table runners or placemats.

Below are more favorite tools.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pictures from July's Meeting

Hi there Grand Rapids Modern Quilters:

Finally back at last to play with this blog, a completely new adventure for this Old Bird, as one of our members would say!  Bear with me as I grow into this world.

At the July meeting, as at every meeting, we Show and Share our recent work.  No matter how simple a quilting group or sophisticated, I am always amazed at the creativity and perseverance of quilters.  Our GRMQG seems to have quilters with a vast variety of experience:  novice, beginner, experienced and advanced.  So much fun to see other quilters' work.

 Cathy M is showing her first quilt, completely hand done for a class.  Some of the newer sewists were embarrassed by their work, point being here:  done give up.  Her really big stitches, not the Amish way, are considered in style now.  New quilters have to keep on practicing and of course building fabric stashes.
 This quilt resulted from the quilter being physically limited by an accident, so she took to designing this Scrabble like quilt.  All of us who play Scrabble or Words with Friends absolutely love it!  (Apologies for no name, as you get to know me I'm notorious in this way).  Introduce yourselves to me and I'll do better.
 Adrienne W is showing her new scrappy quilt.  Adrienne is hiding behind the quilt.  Shame on her!
 Carol D (hiding in the blue)l shows us her scrappy heart table runner. 
 Here's a Wow quilt!  Scrappy quilts look so beautiful!
 Claire shows us her chevron quilt top, when completed a lucky friend will receive it as a gift! 
 Every time I see triangles like in this beautiful pillow I remember Mr. Clark, 10th geometry teacher.  I wish I loved triangles then as I do now!  This pillow does a great job of mixing not only the blues but incorporates the gold metallic.