Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Beehive is buzzing.....

(I did this blog and forgot to hit publish... next month hopefully I'll have Polly's quilt top to show)

Polly gave us our honey do list and four squares to incorporate into her block.  While I won't show how I did her block, here's the block I made for myself.

 Just squares and no geese flying or otherwise and no HST's ! Thank you, Polly! I really felt like playing with the newer style fabrics.  I also found the teal squares, lost in my stash and felt they needed to be shown.  I'm the next queen and have been dwelling on my block and fabric.  (For a few days I actually felt like a queen, a moat formed along my property after the heavy rains last week.  Oh, to be done with the sidewalk/water main project.)  Oh, so much fun!  While membership into this beehive is closed, just call Stitched Studio at 616-570-0369 and ask to be put on the next group forming.  Our group is also on Instagram:  Stitched Studio Modern Bee.  Look for us there.
The above block is my rendition of the Mod Squad's monthly block.  As always, I have conflicts with this date and consequently I'm always catching up.   The envelopes were fun to make with extras for another block as well.   Notice the black umbre fabric, inspired from our last Grand Rapids Modern Quilters meeting. The Mod Squad meets the fourth Wednesday each month at the Attic Window.

For those of you who may want to be included in the Facebook membership for the GRMQ, just send a message to Grand Rapids Modern Quilters and Kelly will accept you!  

bye for now!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy Tax Day!

Yes, another year gone by and taxes are due!  Oh, well!

Some times we expose ourselves to events that can be quite taxing.  On Monday the 13th, not unlike some Fridays, I took a class on making the Sew Together Bag by SewDemented.  It's a great little bag and seems like it can hold many items without falling out.

Here's a picture.... the class size was perfect, just four of us and our teacher, Marilyn, this bag was a bit of a challenge.  For those of you wanting to make this bag, think thin for the interfacing.  I used a light weight fusible fleece....way too thick.  Also, really think through the pocket linings and the inside linings.  Admittedly, I was in a hurry on Sunday evening getting the cutting and fusing done so class time would only be assembly, the interior isn't quite like I envisioned.  This bag might be good for my daughters, they both wear contacts and carry all the paraphernalia that goes with.  My next bag will definitely use a heavy dress making type interfacing and the linings more interesting.  The bulk in the my pocket seams and with putting the bindings on make the zippers the easiest feature.

Here's my bag:

Here's a tutorial on making baskets that were shown on Lisa Lisa and the Quilt Jam.
(While the links are showing on my page, click on either "baskets" or "Lisa Lisa and Quilt Jam" for links). 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 6th's Meeting

Well, we had an hour meeting that was informative as well as interesting!  The minutes, for those who enjoy them, will be in a post closer to reminder time.

Kathy (with a K) shared her beautiful technique for reverse applique.  It involves sewing three or four layers together in any pattern you wish.  With fine scissors begin removing a layer or layers to achieve the appearance desired.  The pictures below just begin to show the wonderful work she has done.  I believe the world map was designed and sewn by her.  Thank you so much, Kathy, for this demo.

The last two pictures Kathy showed us her recent playing with making chenille.  I did this technique years ago( prior to 2003 for sure) and decided it wasn't something enjoyable.  Of course, now with the specialty cutters and videos demonstrating the technique I might think about it again.

Enjoy the remaining show and share projects:

 Umbre fabric has helped me with finishing several quilts but always wondered how to use them specifically in a quilt.  These HUGE flying geese are absolutely beautiful.

 The quilt shown above and below is Amy Gibson's Triple Barnstar.  I love how she quilted it on her "little" machine - not a long arm! 

 Roni was so excited to show her first crib sized quilt.  Last month she showed us, the two of us, the fabric.  It was so cuddly feeling!

Minion Rose showed us her great find.  While intended for another purpose this zippered case works perfectly for holding her pin dish.  One of those great things for traveling sewists.

While I'm not promoting Martingale per se, they do have interesting tips now and then.  Here's help in squaring blocks that are too large. I love the last tidbit of advice:  always make a test block before starting your many of you do this tip?  I dive right in and go for it.....:)
(Click on "squaring blocks" to see the link.  The color device isn't working this morning.  Sorry)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Saturday, April 4, 2015

IQS #4


A new twist on chevrons (no pun intended).

The flowers are made from postage stamps!

Three dimensional quilting

Happy umbrellas!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Meeting Tuesday! Corrected!

A reminder from Kelly, Jelly to some of us!

I'm sending a reminder about the general meeting of the Grand Rapids Modern Quilters for next Tuesday, April 7 at Kuyper College, room 117. Social time at 6:30. Meeting starts at 7:00 PM
Please bring your dues of $30. 
Remember, after entering the college driveway bear left to the parking lot. Enter thru the chapel entrance. There will be signs and a board member to to point you in the right direction.

Skill school will be reverse appliqué.

Hope to see you on Tuesday!

PS. The three of us who made it last month know to go into the chapel, walk under the rainbow ceiling, and hang a left and walk a ways down to the room.  With luck the young man who watched for all of us last month will be there to guide us.

Check this Blog for directions
Also, if you're thinking on attending the retreat at the end of October, bring your down payment as well! 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

IQS #3

It seems that wearable art by quilting is becoming quite popular.  Jackets and totes and bags just seem ordinary after seeing the floor length wedding dress:

The other unusual display was this either south east Asian or Mid East lamp:

The lamp appeared to be on a light weight metal frame.  The detail of work shows so well.  It stood about 4 feet tall.  I noticed more detailed bindings and edgings at this show.  Note the top of the lamp.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

International Quilt Show #2

The previous post introduced us to the 40th celebration, the ruby year.  The next couple posts will just show pictures we were allowed to take and those that we weren't - sort of.

For us the surprise and fun part of the show was the challenge to make a small wall hanging quilt honoring the book and play WICKED.  Having read the book and seeing the play twice - once in Chicago and the second time in London, I was just excited with such a novel quilting idea.  Appropriately, Anna was singing the music years ago, knowing all the words.  For a non-quilter/sewist, I think this was her favorite part of Mom's quilt show.  No Photography signs were all over these exhibits with officials hovering nearby.  While the no photograpy signs were all over the show, the officials seemed to truly protect this area.  So these are the best shots!

It was easy to determine the quilters/designers who equated the story to The Wizard of Oz and had no clue of the story.  Most designers really understood.  I do wish the artists for plays/musicals would do the same author's story on Cinderella.  He incorporates what was usually boring medieval history interesting!  Gregory Mcguire's list of books is here.