Sunday, December 27, 2015

I'm Back - New Name and More Ideas

Third Time is the Charm!

The first blog I started, as well as the second, was for a specific group.  A group of Grand Rapids area quilters initiated a modern quilt "guild".  After much research by leaders, they were wary of using the name with "guild" in it as the fees with the national affiliate were way too expensive for the small founding group.  This blog is mine with no affiliations, just my thoughts and meanderings.  While local quilting will be its focus I might meander down another road or two for diversion.  

My last post in November for the modern quilters was hacked, as was my Instagram account.  Days later, after changing passwords, I learned that my personal information was part of the big hack by foreign thieves into the Federal government.  While never having been a Federal employee, I had been investigated for some level of security clearance.  For many years, more than I can really count exactly, I have been a docent at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, MI.  So far all accounts seem safe! 

Onward and Upward - new life - and fresh start with new passwords on my part.

Here are some of the projects I've worked on since late November:

 I've joined a new BOM at the Attic Window.  Marilyn and Sue host  Vintage Farmers blocks.  Here are the October blocks finished.  The accompanying book is a great resource for new quilters - good instructions.  It can be frustrating for experienced quilters that must learn to re-read instructions.
 One of my daughter's friends just become engaged so I did a scrappy mug rug of Valentine's fabrics to celebrate.
 Holiday Elegance, above, is a kit a purchased on the Jingle Bell Hop in December, at Pressing Matters in Holland, Michigan.  It's one of three kits I purchased and made in the month before Christmas.
 I found this holiday border print in my stash while locating newer fabric purchased.  A yard to yard and one-hall can make two runners and one or two toppers.

 Attic Window had this great class making this folding bag.  The exact name is not at my finger tips, will get if you want it (leave a message below).  I made the large size, the small  and medium sized bags are on my January calendar....
More pictures in future posts as I re-build this site with links and what-nots....AGAIN!

Hope you all have had a joyous holiday, whether it is Christian, Jewish, Islamic or the upcoming 
Kawanza.  Happy New Year to you all!