Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Bee in the Attic is coming....

My friend Caroll D and I are starting a contemporary bee at the Attic Window.  We've been busy testing patterns as we've had to break them down to a block rather a whole quilt pattern.  We had fun at the Modern Bee at Stitched Studio this past year.  We will doing a completely different book and a bit differently.  Caroll posted this flyer on her blog earlier and at the store.

Come and join us for a fun hour or more on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

Here are some of the pictures from our last meeting in March and prior.  At our Bee in the Attic the queens will choose the pattern and give us instructions on color, fabric, seams or whatever.  She will pass on the decisions to the worker bees that she would normally make making the blocks.

Can you believe the top quilt and the lower example are the exact same pattern!  That's how the Bee in the Attic will work.  The queens for these months chose the schemes for us.

 This queen gave us the teal with metallic fabric as well as the graphic fabric that looks like a wrist watch face.  We were also instructed to use white-white for the background.
 Queen Kelly gave us the squiggle, connecting squares and the grays.  The block goes from gray corner to corner.  Again, the upper and lower quilts are the same pattern, but the queens had different goals.

Come and join us to make more wonderful quilts!

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