Tuesday, January 12, 2016

BOM Time!

The beginning of a new calendar year brings all sorts of promises and of course, resolutions.  Each year I decide to "use up that stash".  While I made inroads on my holiday prints, using about 10 yards of fabric in about 4 weeks time, far more fabric choices consume another cabinet.   Of course, the year end sales have refilled the cabinet!  Last year at this time I discovered the Pat Sloan 2015 block of the month entitled Vacation Time.  This link will show you how she visualized it, below is how my 30"s scraps became Vacation Time.

The BOM ended in September, since it had patterns for 8 12 1/2" blocks and a zillion 4 1/2" setting squares.  With determination I decided not be overwhelmed as I was in August, and just finish the quilt top.  While it still needs quilting, the real detail work is done!  Yeah! Still have a stash of 30's....I don't think it dwindled at all.  The self-imposed rules forbid me to procure any fabric to "help" the block/quilt.  I think I cheated only once last year.

Now that 2015 BOM's are done, time for the 2016's!  
My Secret Garden by Pat Sloan is the project for this year.  Above is my version of it for January. While she prepared her block in yellows and blues, I opted for whatever the my mood inspired!  The snowy Sunday drove me to the brights!

Several years ago my introduction into modern styled quilting was via Amy Gibson's Craftsy block of the month class.  That project was so much fun, I also opted to do her Barn Star Quilt- finished last year, a year late, of course!

Apparently, she originated the on-line Sugar Block Club, which has had BOM's since 2012.  Being a person who is slow to catch on, I decided to try her 2016 version.  While scrolling her blog for the link, I'm now 2016 Sugar Block Club  is a twist on the traditional churn dish block. My version came out this way:
wishing I had tried the other years!  Oh, well.  The first block of

I've only made one quilt with a really dark background, an Amish styled quilt back in my very early days of quilting.  It might have been hand pieced as well as hand quilted.  My puppy at the time, ate a huge hole through one of the squares.  While I have looked at the gaping hole, I've just never been motivated to fix it, because of the black background.  With this dark purple background I'm hoping to enjoy the project more.  Also, I have about three yards of it, had plans for another quilt that will never come to pass.  With the addition of bright contrasts, I'm hoping for a fun project.  Amy Gibson always offers fun twists to her projects.  

My third project for my stash is not free, but it will be an education.  Lucky Spool has collected a wonderful group of quilt designers for the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club.  This project will take considerable more time and planning.  Lesson Number One, of six, is all about bias tape.  Will let you know how it goes.  

Wooden Spools Quilts has a very quick tutorial the block with a T or cross, called The Raspberry Kiss.

Happy New Year, for whenever you want your resolutions to start!

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