Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cleaning scraps....

The January Mighty Lucky Quilting Club lesson taught us about making and using bias tape.  We were to make several arches and corners with bias tape we make.  While fun and interesting I did one of those "oh well" that's interesting.  On one of the vacation recovery days I felt like doing something not requiring too much thought.  Since the Mod Squad at The Attic Window disbanded the travel box needed cleaning.  Throwing scraps out can be a relief and/or a guilt trip.  I focused on throwing out itty bitty pieces.  Also buried in the mess was strips.  

January's bias tape project.

Guilt in dissing perfectly good strips prevailed.  The bias tape makers were still on my work table (I'm not real strict on putting things away).  Without cutting to correct size I just started feeding strips into the BT makers.  Some tapes were two toned and some really wrinkled....must be good for some decoration....This mindless activity was perfect while dealing with the cloudy cold days following  five days in the Bahamas. 
I've hung the several strips on my lamp as reminders to include in future projects.  The scrap box really can be a source of inspiration!  Please remember, though, some scraps can be trashed without guilt!  Go for it!

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