Thursday, March 17, 2016

Top of the Mornin'

Thinking that I still had several St. Patrick's Day cards, I didn't take time to purchase any for my friends with whom  I exchange each year.  So, two days before the big day for some of us, no cards to mail and have arrive on March 17th!  Egads, what to do?!

Never dreaming I'd ever take time to make a fabric post card let alone a greeting card, I found myself using scraps of shamrock material and scrapbooking card stock leftover from Girl Scout leading days to make cards at 4 p.m. to make the mailbox pickup downtown by 6 p.m.!  Yep, I made it, hope the cards did.  It was really quite easy, of course, for some reason the shamrock template I made several years ago popped out at in my appliqué pattern drawer.  One card was wasted as the rainbow I designed with markers didn't show at all!  Maybe next year I'll plan more ahead as I have a good collection of dull needles for such a project.  

If you are a fan of Celtic designs Quilt Inspiration has several beautiful quilts and wall hangings.  I'm not into fairy items but as you scroll down the blog the quilt with the Celtic Crosses is beautiful, worth the electronic trip without all the expense of a trans-Atlantic trip!

Erin Go Bragh!


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